A BIM-Based Visualization Tool for Facilities Management: Fault Detection through Integrating Real-Time Sensor Data into BIM


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Building information modeling (BIM): According to the definition by US National Building Information Model Standard Project Committee, BIM is “a digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility” [1]. This digital representation (3d model) is rich in data and information which can be shared for multiple purposes, such as energy simulation, clash detection, cost evaluation, and facility operations and management. This 3D digital representation benefits not only designers, but also engineers working with systems, and facilities managers responsible for the operation of the building. Autodesk’s Revit is a commonly used BIM software program.

Adafruit IO Reader could be a prototype for developing more sophisticated products that help the data management in FM, or it could be integrated into currently used FM platforms to better streamline workflows with more exhaustive information during regular management work and troubleshooting work. The specific contributions of this research is that the display of sensor data, definition of “fault” (for comfort-defined by ASHRAE 55 and ISO 7730), and links to the sensors’ locations occur directly within the BIM software. Read the full article on journal website.

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