Positivity of Greenhouse


Increased production

Greenhouse farming is considered an implementation of intensive agriculture and can provide an increase in crop production. This due to the fact that you have more control for creating the optimal climate conditions needed for plant growth and are able to grow more plants per square feet compared to growing crops in an open field.


Minimizing production risks

Being in an enclosed space can help prevent crops from suffering damage from climate change related events such as sudden increases or drops in temperature, as well as keeping crops away from birds and other animals.


Maximizing profits

Multiple studies have stated that the profits per crop per square feet can be even twice or thrice as big when implementing greenhouse farming as an alternative to open field agriculture and when combining the practice with other strategies such as hydroponics. By utilizing resources in a more efficient manner you’re able to create less waste, which in turn can translate into bigger profits.


Increased pests, weeds and disease control

A well designed and optimally built greenhouse can prevent problems such as pests and weeds, as well as provide more control against other diseases. An enclosed space can be restricted to only the necessary personnel, and less people going in and out means a lesser risk of bringing unwanted elements close to the crops.


Ability to grow year-round produce, even off-season

A greenhouse is relatively independent to the world outside, which eliminates the limitation of growing crops only on a specific season. Even in the harsh winter or intense summer temperatures high quality crops can be grown, provided you have the necessary means to create the right climate inside the greenhouse.


More stability and security

Since you don’t depend on climate conditions, an increase in stability and security, not only for the crops but also for the workers, can be obtained by greenhouse farming.


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